Beat the summer heat 2018

Getting you through summer in style

Prepare for a hot summer

Another North Western summer is on the way

Spring has quickly advanced into summer, and the hot days and nights are almost with us.

Thanks to Narrabri Shire retailers and service providers we can prepare to be cool at home and work and our soon to be burgeoning gardens can be trimmed, mowed and shaped as their summer growth takes off.

The backyard pool which may have slid into murky mode will need to be revitalised for the long swimming days ahead.

Summer means more bugs, more watering and challenges in the garden.

But it also means more barbecues and good times outdoors.

Everything we need for an enjoyable summer is at our fingertips in Narrabri Shire with good advice awaiting customers who seek the help of local providers featured in these pages.

Install your new evaporative air conditioner now

The team at Narrabri Plumbing is ready to install your new, state of the art evaporative air conditioner before the real summer heat begins.

Or have your current cooler checked and serviced out by Narrabri Plumbing to make sure you are ready for the long hot months.

Narrabri Plumbing has the very latest in evaporative air conditioning systems for your home from Australian company Seeley International.

The Breezair and Braemar evaporative air conditioners are supplied, installed and serviced locally by Narrabri Plumbing.

The award winning air conditioning systems manufactured by Seeley International, Australia’s largest and most-awarded air conditioner maker are considered the best, backed by a successful 40-year history.

Seeley International is regularly recognised for innovation and excellence with awards for design, innovation and manufacture.

Plenty of parts ready to service your evaporative air conditioner - Deb Ayscough with some of the Narrabri Plumbing stock of evaporative air cooler pads ready for a busy summer.

The company’s quality construction allows Breezair to easily offer a seven year comprehensive warranty.

Efficient and cost effective Breezair can cool your home for the cost of running a single light bulb.

Breezair evaporative cooling is up to 90 per cent cheaper to run than reverse cycle air conditioning.

The cooling is whisper quiet and delivers fresh, filtered outside air.

Homeowners choose evaporative air conditioners in the north west climate because of the low running costs, the fact that doors and windows can be left open, your skin, nose and eyes won’t suffer from dryness and the quiet operations means an undisturbed sleep.

The Breezair evaporative air conditioners are state of the art, controlled by touch screen technology which is simple to operate.

The innovative MagIQtouch controller allows you to have personalised cooling, with an energy saving night, quiet mode, and a set and forget seven day program to suit your lifestyle.

The Narrabri Plumbing team are experienced installers and service technicians for the Seeley air conditioning systems.

Easy to use, high tech blinds to keep you cool

Home blinds and awnings in decorator colours and styles, in a myriad of fabrics, which quietly open and close automatically according to the time of day are the sun protection of choice for homeowners and businesses now.

Remotely controlled top of the range Luxaflex blinds and awnings, which do it themselves or are operated by you with a remote control or from across the street or across the world via your mobile telephone are not a feature of the future - they are here now and are at Anderson’s Carpets.

Homeowners who drop in to Anderson’s and see the blinds and awnings range in action will surely become enthusiasts for the new sun protection.

Powered blinds and awnings are not new but the size of the range and capabilities is.

“We are fitting solar powered awnings and blinds which provide the optimum sun protection and shade at the right time of the day and night,” said Jason Anderson.

“This is fantastic technology but is easy to use, very efficient and very cost effective. A single C battery will power blinds for up to five years.”

Homeowners can enter their postcode into the special phone app and the Luxaflex blinds and awnings will rise and lower automatically.

Rob Butler and Jason Anderson at Anderson’s Carpets in Narrabri.

“Internal or external blinds and awnings can be set to go up and down at a certain time and awnings will reposition themselves as the sun rises and sets,” said Mr Anderson.

They can be operated from mains power or battery. Solar powered options are available.

“The automatic function means the blinds and awnings add greatly to heating and cooling efficiency,” said Mr Anderson. And if you are away on holidays, the automatic raising and lowering of blinds each day is a handy security feature.

Awnings can be set at the most effective angles or vertically.

They are great for barbecue, patio, verandah or outdoor entertaining areas and inside the home.

A huge range of fabrics and styles offers weave weights and densities from opaque which will block light and heat through to see through lighter mesh or crystal clear.

Put summer in the shade with Gotcha

Gotcha Covered Sheds proprietor Trent Walton’s business provides shade sheds across the region.

“I recently took up the business opportunity to supply and install Transportable Shade Sheds in and around my local area of Narrabri and the North West of NSW,” Mr Walton said. “After training in the complete range of all Shade Shed products from customer purchase to installation I am keen to help locals with their equipment cover needs.

“Customer service is my focus and I work hard to provide simple solutions and a quick turn around time.

“I’m hoping local residents and farmers will continue to support me in growing a customer-focused business.

“Being part of the local community is also important to me and going to trade shows and events in and around Narrabri and North West will help increase the opportunities I have to listen to local needs.” Mr Walton will attend the largest expo in northern inland NSW the Northern Inland 4x4 Fishing, Caravan and Camping Expo in Inverell this weekend.

He is based in Narrabri and travels a 300km radius to regional towns.

Trent Walton has launched Gotcha Covered Sheds to service Narrabri and regional needs.

“Most people have seen Transportable Shade Sheds used in many applications from covering equipment on farms, to shade structures for cars, trailers and boats all over Australia,” he said.

“Transportable Shade Sheds are designed to save people money. Here’s why:

“No concrete is required – we recommend to use our wind rated hold down pegs. No digging holes or buying and pouring concrete!

“No earthworks required - the Shade Shed can be put up on uneven ground. No earth-moving equipment here!

“A 6x6m shed only takes four to six hours to complete, so whether you’re doing it yourself or paying someone, you will save money.”

Gotcha Covered Sheds offers the Colorbond range for tin roof shade sheds, Quickshade sheds are available in 17 shade cloth colours and Canvacon in 11 colours.

There is a variety of anchoring systems. All sheds come with engineering plans, and council approval is not needed for some.

Wind rating of W41N3 as well as category two and three cyclone proof are available. Australian made Bluescope steel and Orrcon steel is used.

Mr Walton’s chemical storage sheds are Australian Standard. He also provides portable office buildings, industrial sheds, shade stables, shade trees for pets and entertaining and lots more. The website lists numerous varieties -

All sheds have a 10-year warranty.

Snakes - summer is their season

Summer is snake season.

Snakes become more active in the summer months and they are just as happy to be in your backyard as they are to be in the bush.

Venomous snakes are a fact of life in Australia and pretty much taken for granted but recently, the Royal Flying Doctor Service issued new guidelines for snakebite based on a 10-year study.

The Australian Snakebite Project, published in the Medical Journal of Australia in August this year, is the most comprehensive ever carried out and involved over 1500 patients.

“We urge everyone, to be vigilant,” said Tracey King, senior flight nurse at the RFDS south eastern section.

”There are around 3,000 reported snakebites each year in Australia, resulting in 500 hospital admissions and an average of two fatalities.”

The Australian Snakebite Project threw up some surprising statistics. Snake bites occur near the home while walking, gardening or trying to catch a snake.

Three-quarters of people bitten by snakes are males aged in their 30s.

The brown snake is the most likely to attack (41 per cent), followed by the tiger snake (17 per cent) and the red-bellied black snake (16 per cent).

Snakebites can often be painless and may go unnoticed.

Staying in the area after an attack can be dangerous and recent advances in medication mean we can now treat any snakebite with a generic polyvalent anti-venom, so identification is no longer necessary. While only 20- 25 out of 835 cases they studied resulted in death, the effects of a snakebite can be debilitating and far-reaching. Three-quarters of those bitten experienced venom-induced consumption coagulopathy, which causes blood clotting and life-threatening haemorrhages.

Acute kidney injuries, brain and muscle damage and cardiac arrest are other possible side effects.


DO bandage firmly, splint and immobilise to stop the spread of venom. Slow the spread of venom by placing a folded pad over the bite area and then applying a firm bandage.

DO seek medical help immediately

Do NOT wash the area of the bite or try to suck out the venom. It is extremely important to retain traces of venom for use with venom identification kits.

Do NOT incise or cut the bite, or apply a high tourniquet. Cutting or incising the bite won’t help. High tourniquets are ineffective and can be fatal if released.

Do NOT allow the victim to walk or move their limbs. Use a splint or sling to minimise all limb movement. Put the patient on a stretcher or bring transportation to the patient.

You can see in style this summer

Just in time for summer, Narrabri Vision Splendid would like to introduce Solarflair Prescription Lenses.

Some of the Narrabri Vision Splendid team. Optical dispenser Rod Strong, trainee optical dispenser Ros Thorn and receptionist Molly Dawson. National award winning Narrabri Vision Splendid provides professional eye care and advice from qualified optometrists and optical dispensers.

Stylish, affordable and innovative, the Solarflair range offers a variety of tinted and mirrored lenses to protect you from the harsh UV rays of an Australian summer.

With these lenses rated up to SPF 50 they provide great coverage for your eyes, which are 10 times more UV sensitive than your skin.

Designed to allow a broader range of frame choices Solarflair lenses really can suit anyone on any occasion, from a fashionable day at the races to weekend sport.

They’re available in single vision and progressive forms, to provide excellent vision for both distance and close range.

So drop by and let our friendly professional team at Narrabri Vision Splendid fit you out with a pair of quality Solaflair lenses and ‘See in Style’ this summer.

Aqua Zumba - fun and fitness

Aqua Zumba is high intensity, low impact exercise for all ages and fitness levels.

Donna Bower is the enthusiastic leader of Zumba groups in Narrabri.

She has taken Zumba to the community.

“Zumba is a Latin inspired Dance Fitness party, a great fun and exciting way to exercise, meet new people and get out and about,” she said.

“I started my Zumba journey in June 2014 teaching only Zumba Fitness after training with Australian ZES (Zumba Education Specialst) Maria Teresa Stone.

“Shortly after that I continued my study adding other certification such as Zumba Kids, Zumba Toning (using weights), Zumba Gold (lower impact) and now Aqua Zumba for which my certificate was obtained last year.

Cool fun and fitness - Donna Bower leads the Aqua Zumba group at Narrabri pool.

“My most recent specialty is the new and exciting HIIT training program ‘STRONG by Zumba’ which will be launched in Narrabri in the near future.

“The best part about Zumba is seeing people have fun and enjoy getting fit, losing weight, making a start to a health and well being journey. And always with a smile on their faces. I find this extremely rewarding.

“Zumba needs no experience, there are different intensities and beginners are always welcome.

“I love getting involved and sharing Zumba with the community.

“Highlights have been the Relay for Life Narrabri (two years), Westpac Helicopter Colour Run Tamworth, Wee Waa relay for Life, St Xavier’s Rainbow Run (two years), Dancing With The Stars Narrabri.

I volunteer with a ladies group ‘Young at Heart’ monthly, a group of 60-85 year old fabulous women, the Senior Citizens’ day luncheon, I teach school Sport at The Narrabri Public School, and undertake various other charities and luncheons.”

Cool air conditioning offers from Otech

Otech Narrabri will provide you with the ultimate reverse cycle air conditioning system from Fujitsu.

Fujitsu are industry leaders in air conditioning for home and business, whether for a room, large living space, your whole home, an office or complete building.

Otech office manager Mel Russell with Fujitsu’s seven year warranty offer forFujitsu ducted air conditioning promoted by cricket legend Mark Taylor, a long time advocate for Fujitsu air conditioners.

Right now, Otech Narrabri has a special offer on 2.7kw inverter split systems (see page 19).

And Otech is also a specialist in ducted air conditioning.

In an era when electronic and electrical appliances are often designed to have a short life and be discarded, Fujitsu ducted air conditioning comes with a special, long term, seven-year warranty.

This summer up until November 30, 2017, purchase a Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner on Fujitsu Cool Finance and pay no deposit and 0% interest for up to five years.

Fujitsu’s state-of-the-art air conditioning systems are the product of the company’s research and development centre equipped with numerous testing facilities simulating a variety of air conditioning operating conditions.

Extensive performance testing evaluation covers all aspects of the units’ operations.

Avengers are walking out the door

When retailers have products which are in demand and selling fast they say they are ‘walking out the door.’

Such is the case with the new Avenger pool cleaners at Ormans Pool and Paint in Maitland Street Narrabri.

Orman’s Pool and Paint’s Tim Wilson with the new Avenger pool cleaner - a hit with pool owners.

“The new Avenger pool cleaners are very popular” said manager Tim Wilson.

“The reason is they are very effective, very inexpensive compared to pool cleaners generally, they come with a two year warranty and they are Australian designed for Australian swimming pools.”

Now that summer is here, pool owners’ attention has turned to their most important outdoor recreation area - the swimming pool.

The barbecue may come a close second, but you need pool cleaning taken out of your hair while you are cooking the snags. The Avenger will be busily sweeping up debris and preparing the pool for your post barbecue swim.

Black light means a black day for bugs and mossies

Weel Australia’s Wayne Wheeler is a compassionate man but, like most of us, he admits his compassion is stretched when it comes to mosquitoes.

Like us, he wants them dead and gone.

With summer here and the attendant bugs and mosquito season building he has taken steps to ensure that Narrabri district people are protected as much as possible.

In stock at Weel Australia in Francis Street, Narrabri, are innovative bug killers - the famed Bugeater.

“The Bugeater works by attracting the mosquitoes with a blue light and the mossies are pushed into a tray of water,” Mr Wheeler said.

Sadly for the mossies, they don’t emerge refreshed from a dip.

Mosquitoes, midges, moths, no-see-ems, sand flies, beetles, all will fly to their doom.

Then it’s simpy a matter of removing the pull out tray and emptying it.

“The Bugeater is the best mosquito and insect trap ever invented,” the manufacturers say.

“The eight watt ultra-violet black light bulb attracts insects from up to one kilometre directional.

“A powerful hidden fan creates a downdraft and blows the insects into the tray of soapy water.

“A squirt of liquid washing up detergent in the water breaks the surface tension and the insects sink to the bottom and drown.

“The Bugeater is suitable for homes, workplaces, farms, inside or outside wherever bugs are a bother.

“The Bugeater is best placed as far as possible away from the area where you entertain, relax, barbecue, play, swim or work and well away from the centre of activity and facing the area which is to be protected.

“Being directional, the Bugeater draws the insects from areas you want to protect. It works by line-of-sight, so if the bugs can see it, they will be attracted to it. The bug eater covers an area of one acre directionally.

“Most pesky insects are night flyers and are attracted to a spectrum that comes from this black light source. Bugeater lamps are specially engineered to 350-369 nanometres to provide the greatest attractant for protection and have proven to be the most effective available.”

Your cooler home is a call away

The latest in efficient and cost effective evaporative air conditioning for your home is just a phone call away.

Grahame Keys Plumbing is ready to deliver and install the latest in evaporative coolers with just the right specifications for your home a cooling solution that specifically meets your needs.

Grahame Keys Plumbing apprentice Josiah Barnes and Grahame Keys with a new Breezair evaporative air conditioning unit on its way to a Narrabri customer in time for the hot summer months.

“We carry out installation, servicing, repairs of evaporative air conditioning,” Mr Keys said.

The world’s best evaporative cooling systems are designed and made in Australia.

Grahame Keys Plumbing is an agent for products from the global leader in evaporative air conditioning, Seeley International, Founded in 1972, Seeley International is Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer and global leader in developing energy-efficient cooling and heating.

“We install the latest models of Breezair, Braemar and Coolair,” said Mr Keys.

He has 25 years’ experience in the plumbing business and has operated his own business in Narrabri since 2011.

AppSolar is giving the power back to Narrabri

With soaring electricity prices being a pressing issue for homeowners, it can be hard to keep your cool in Summer without the constant worry as to what your next power bill may look like.

But as Tony Wilson from AppSolar explains, there are things you can do to beat the heat without burning through your bank account this Summer.

“Installing a solar system along with a few simple changes to your power usage habits can have a drastic impact on the amount of cash in your pocket each quarter,” he said.

A solar system can provide you with the ability to produce electricity during the day and even store it for use in the evenings, with new solar battery systems giving you even more independence from the grid.

AppSolar is an industry front-runner specialising in a range of solar applications including grid-connected and hybrid systems with battery backup, commercial systems and complete off-grid solar systems.

They offer some of the highest quality panels, inverters and battery systems on the market.

“We’ve partnered with one of the world’s best solar panel brands, Sunpower, and we have system options for all requirements,” Mr Wilson said.

“We also have several payment options to make it easier for customers to get access to the best products without compromising on quality.

“We want everyone to have access to quality solar for their homes and to gain independence from the crippling cost of energy from the grid”.

With excellent customer references AppSolar has made a name for themselves across the Namoi area over the past few years as a high quality solar company with a focus on providing only the best service to each and every customer.

“We take a lot of pride in having satisfied customers so it’s great when customers leave feedback for us on Google or Facebook letting us know about their experience.”

With more people in the area turning to solar and batteries to take the power back from their energy company, AppSolar have now opened a new permanent office at 60 Maitland Street Narrabri, bringing much needed competition and expertise into the local market.

AppSolar’s new office, located upstairs in The Courier building, is somewhere customers can meet with the team face-to-face and get the best advice according to their individual needs and serves as a local hub from where they can provide after-sales servicing around the clock.

With government subsidies for solar set to be reduced in January and with the Clean Energy Target in jeopardy, the team is expected to be in very high demand before the end of December.

“Customers with 5kW systems for example are still currently able to save about $4100 on average if installed before January with current government incentives but they will be reduced at the end of December, so we are encouraging everyone to get their systems sorted now so they can be installed before the Christmas break,” Mr Wilson said.

“That is why we can only offer our current deals for the next few weeks.”