65 wonderful years together

George and Betty Parish celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Tuesday night.

From left, among family members celbrating the Parish’s 65th wedding anniversary, George and Betty Parish, Dianna Mauser, Jeff and Jenny Parish, Lee Parish, Kenn Beckham, Jolene Mauser and Mitch and front, Ron Parish.

On January 19, 1951, Bakersfield, California couple George Parish and Betty Bowen eloped to Las Vegas to get married.

The brief ceremony, with a witness brought in off the street outside the chapel, was the start of a long and happy marriage.

Betty was just 17 years old and because she was under age had to obtain permission from her mother Mildred Joseph, which was granted.

George was 19.

The ceremony was performed at the Hitching Post Chapel in Las Vegas.

The following day Betty returned to school.

“A school friend asked ‘what did you do on the weekend, Betty’?” and I said “ I have been to Las Vegas to get married,” replied the new Mrs Betty Parish.

This was the beginning of a long and happy marriage for George and Betty.

On Tuesday night the couple celebrated a major milestone, their 65th wedding anniversary, with a dinner in Narrabri.