A second chance at life

Liver transplant recipient now on a mission to encourage organ donors

Liver transplant recipient Dominique Madden and her husband Wayne in Narrabri on Saturday.

Dominique Madden has been given a second chance at life thanks to what she called a combination of miracles - the action of a friend, the work of skilled specialists and surgeons and the devoted support of her husband Wayne, family and friends.

Mrs Madden has undergone a successful liver transplant, a procedure which has taken her from probable death through liver failure to a new and healthy life.

“It has been a series of miracles,” said Mrs Madden.

“I am so very grateful.

“I have a new life and feelings of joy, but I am very aware that for the donor’s family it is a time of grief and sadness.”

She is now back in Narrabri, healthy, happy and determined to make sure the life saving organ donation is respected and the donor honoured.

Mrs Madden is also determined to encourage people to list themselves as potential organ donors so that others may live.

It has been a long, anxious and painful journey for Mrs Madden, 50.

“It started in January 2014” she said.

“I had really bad shortness of breath, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without feeling as if I would pass out.

“A series of doctors in Tamworth identified it was a liver problem. As to why I had it, they weren’t sure, I wasn’t a drinker or did drugs and no one in my family had liver problems in the past.”