Australia's Greatest Cheesecake Competition to be held in Narrabri

Nosh Narrabri comes up with another unique event

SAY CHEESE: Cheesecake competition judges Rhys Gard and Janice Smith about to do a ‘blind’ taste test as competition co-ordinators Jocellin Jansson and Brooke Dalton prepare the samples.

Nosh Narrabri is certainly getting lots of runs on the board before the August event, and now it has done it again.
Hot on the heels of the Australian Regional Home Brewing Championships and the announcement that legendary rockers Mental as Anything will be performing during the event, Nosh has taken things to another level for those with a sweet tooth.
It will host Australia’s Greatest Cheesecake Competition (also known as the Nosh Cheese Cake Competition), which co-ordinator Jocellin Jansson reckons might be just the second such competition in the world.
“The only other one we found was at the North Carolina [State] Fair,” she said.
“Through quite extensive research we haven’t been able to find another one throughout Australia.”