Back at work after four bypasses, one snakebite

“I feel more energy and am back involved with the VRA"

Harvey Black has resumed his role with Narrabri VRA but looks forward to welcoming new recruits to the squad.

Narrabri VRA veteran and well known local resident Harvey Black has been a little slowed down recently following some serious surgery, but is quickly gathering momentum again.

Mr Black, 75, was taken to hospital in November last year following some routine tests for his heart when his cardiologist made a announcement.

“I was tested atrial fibrillation and the cardiologist told me ‘the AT isn’t going to kill you but you have about six things that might’,” said Mr Black.

“So he sent me off for an angiogram and some stents to be inserted.

“The results of the angiogram were that I was way past stents and next thing I was on my way to Newcastle for a quadruple bypass.

“It turned out I had a 70 per cent blockage in one coronary artery, one 80 per cent blockage, two 90 per cent blockages and one completely blocked artery.

“I had had no symptoms, only tiredness from time to time.”

Mr Black’s recovery period was nine days.

“I came home to Narrabri but ended up in Narrabri Hospital with haemothorax,” he said.

“But I have been recovering since and almost back to normal.

“My heart is magic. I am ‘as new’ in that sense.

“I feel more energy and am back involved with the VRA.”

Mr Black has resumed his role as regional co-ordinator for the New England Region VRA squads and also as training officer for Narrabri Rescue Squad.

And more recently he was cleared to resume his duties as a registered rescue operator with the Narrabri squad.

Mr Black’s voluntary work for the community through the VRA has been considerable over many decades.

He and his colleagues have saved people’s lives.