Bequest adds to hospital’s high tech inventory

Donation from the family of late Charlie Quelch

Visiting rural generalist in anaesthesia Jay-Mien Phang, registered nurses Jess Post and Fiona Cotton, who have special skills in theatre operations, Narrabri’s Rohana Wanasinghe, rural generalist in surgery, Charlie Quelch’s daughter Pam Foster and Narrabri Hospital Auxiliary president Sally Alexander.

Narrabri Hospital is well established as one of the best resourced in country NSW with an inventory of the latest in high-tech equipment to complement the work of its skilled staff.
The hospital’s latest acquisition is a nerve stimulator funded by a donation from the Quelch family to Narrabri Hospital Auxiliary which bought the item for the hospital.
Last week, Pam Foster, daughter of the late Charlie Quelch, was on hand for the official presentation of the nerve stimulator.
“It is a valuable acquisition for the hospital, leading edge technology, and will be used to assist the team in surgery and anaesthesia,” said Dr Rohana Wanasinghe.
The equipment is a sensor which measures the level of a patient’s paralysis while they are under anaesthetic.
“We are extremely grateful to the Quelch family for their contribution,” said Hospital Auxiliary president Sally Alexander in thanking Mrs Foster.