Bid to drought-proof Yarrie Lake

Bore the aim for local groups seeking to keep popular tourist attraction full

PUSH FOR WATER BORE: Long-time Yarrie Lake Flora and Fauna Reserve Trust member Bernie Smith is flanked by Collins Park Lighting Committee members Ian Duffey and Lester Kelly at Yarrie Lake yesterday to launch the bid for a bore at the lake. While the lake has water in it at present, there’s not enough to let boats on it.

In recent years Yarrie Lake has resembled a desert rather than a body of water more often than not, but that could be a thing of the past if two local groups get their way.
Yarrie Lake Flora and Fauna Trust has joined forces with the Collins Park Lighting Committee in a bid to sink a bore near the lake, to ensure that it is always full.
The lake has water in it at present, largely thanks to the late winter and spring rains last year which finally saw it full again.
It was a hugely popular place to be during the summer, with visitors from near and far, and the two groups want to keep it that way.
Collins Park Lighting Committee member, and immediate past president, Ian Duffey said “we want to drought-proof Yarrie Lake”.