Big Family Gathering lives up to its name

Great turnout to Narrabri event

ack, Leo and Lillie Palmer, Kaitlyn Chaill, performer Sean W Smith, Ruby Cain, front, Wyall Buttsworth, Annika Lions, Aiden Palmer, Laura Cahill and Elsie and Zeke Melburnian.

The success of the Big Family Gathering on Saturday can be measured in several ways, from the attendance - big - to the theme of togetherness - equally big - and the consumption of the barbecue sausages.

“We estimate conservatively there were more than 500 people at the day,” said one of the organisers, Pastor Keith Bates.

“And lunch was successful - one of the helpers manning the barbecue told me that 504 sausages had been consumed.”

The Big Family Gathering, organised by the Combined Churches Celebration, was a ‘family friendly’ day and on that measure it was also a big success.

“Families came along, and people of all ages,” said Pastor Bates.

They were entertained and inspired by popular children’s and family evangelist Sean W Smith, the talented local Band of Youth, Mainly Music and more.