Bound for Antarctic adventure

Narrabri electrician Scott Thurn is headed for the adventure of a lifetime

Scott Thurn at the Australian Antarctic Division in Kingston, Tasmania with an all-terrain vehicle to traverse the snow and ice.

Narrabri electrician Scott Thurn, who is employed by Santos, has been given 15 months leave to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
Mr Thurn, the son of Michael and Ruth Thurn of Narrabri, has been employed as an electrician for the Australian Antarctic Division based in Kingston, Tasmania.
On October 25, Mr Thurn will leave the comforts of home to spend one year at Casey Station, on the coast of the Antarctic continent.
Casey Station is the only Australian research station able to be reached by sizable aircraft, and the runway is built on a glacier.
Mr Thurn, who has never been overseas, says he is greatly looking forward to his adventure, although he is also somewhat daunted by the thought of a full year in relative isolation.
“Over summer there are about 140 scientists and technical staff at Casey station, but during the winter only about 20 remain, so they become a close-knit community,” said Mr Thurn.