Celebration of NAIDOC at public school

NAIDOC celebrations have begun

The school community gathered to watch a display of dance and music presented by the Kamilaroi Choir and Dance Group to celebrate Aboriginal culture, part of NAIDOC activities yesterday. Among the performers, tutored by Narrabri Public School’s Aboriginal Education Officer Pattie Lettice were some of the group depicting animals in traditional dance, back, from left, Krista Zarka, Halle Rooney, Clarence Morgan Glasserles, Mark Dennis, front, Declan Rooney, Menzie Baker-Harvey and  Kaitlyn Walton with Pattie Lettice.

Narrabri Public School celebrated Aboriginal culture with a special assembly attended by the whole school yesterday.

Pupils and staff enjoyed a display of traditional dance, Dreamtime stories and art followed by a barbecue lunch.

Aboriginal Education Officer Pattie Lettice, who has been teaching the Kamilaroi language through song and dance, was co-ordinator of the program which saw the young dancers perform on the ‘back flat’ at the school surrounded by their classmates.