CSD confident in cotton

“CSD’s success is down to having good people and good partnerships"

Among the CSD tour visitors on March 27 were Margaret Chaplin and Frank Devoy,  with CSD managing director Peter Graham, Quality, Seed and Research Lead, Brett Ross explaining the high tech testing equipment in the new CSD Quality and Research Centre, Operations Lead Bruce Cowan and Project Technical Lead Tony Stove. Cotton industry veteran Mr Devoy echoed the sentiments of the tour group in congratulating the CSD team on the successful redevelopment project and its significance for the Wee Waa community and the shire.

Cotton Seed Distributors’ $90 million investment in the redevelopment of its Shenstone processing, testing and storage facility at Wee Waa will underwrite the expansion of the cotton industry in Australia.

The redevelopment, on track to be fully operational next season, is designed to meet the needs of the industry nationally for the next 30 years and provide seed for a potential million hectare crop of dryland and irrigated cotton.

The huge project is a strong affirmation of the company’s confidence in the cotton industry’s future in Narrabri Shire and traditional cotton growing regions and into new areas across Australia.

Cotton is being grown, or planned to be grown, from northern Australia down to southern regions in the mainland states.

On Tuesday, March 27, CSD managing director Peter Graham and staff hosted a community tour of the new facility, leaving the visitors impressed with the scale and technologies of the plant. The size of the new storage and processing sheds underlines CSD’s preparedness for an expanding industry with about four acres of the complex under roof.

AB triples will be able to drive in to the shed and unload, seed will be processed and tested in CSD laboratories using the most sophisticated technology available and the plant will have the capacity to produce seed at four times the current output.

“CSD’s success is down to having good people and good partnerships,” said Mr Graham.