Damien Baguley wows fans, wins awards

Another big award for Narrabri country musician

WINNERS: Damien Baguley and Troy Kemp of the duo Tailgate Drive were the delighted to be voted winners of the Music Channel New Artist of the Year Award for their song Bury Me In Blue Jeans.

Narrabri country singer and songwriter Damien Baguley’s music career has continued to soar to new heights as he looks forward to a busy schedule of Australian and US appearances and recording new material in Australia and Nashville.

The music industry, along with his thousands of Australian and overseas fans, is watching Baguley.

Soon he is off to the US and Canada for recordings and concerts then launches into a national tour with Australian country music icon, Adam Brand.

In mid March, Baguley who has formed a duo Tailgate Drive with fellow established performer Troy Kemp, was in the audience at the Country Music Channel Awards on the Gold Coast along with the biggest local and international acts in country music.

Tailgate Drive’s first single ‘Bury Me In Blue Jeans’ had been listed in the top 10 for the inaugural Rob Potts Tribute CMC New Artist of the Year award.

“We really didn’t think we had a chance and next thing you know Lee Kernaghan is announcing our names as winners of the Best New Artist Of The Year award,” said Baguley.