Dreaming of rain, rain and more rain

Farmer calls for meeting to discuss the drought

Hungry cattle make their way across a barren paddock to the feeding trough as Maules Creek farmer Cliff Wallace supplies them with a meal of cottonseed and oats.

There is little doubt that the number one requirement in Narrabri Shire at present is rain. And the longer we go without a substantial amount, the worse the long-term effects are going to be.

This year's cotton harvest has been patchy compared to recent years, but while not a record-breaker, many growers at least got by - two or three timely falls during the season helped dryland growers immensely.

But the situation isn't so good for winter crops, or indeed the next cotton crop unless the skies open for a bit longer than last night's brief fall.

The effects are already being start to be felt in towns too - a decent drop of rain means wallets open again and retailers benefit.

On cattle properties good rain would also ease the feed situation.