Energy from waste project is proposed for Narrabri

Narrabri Chamber of Commerce president Russell Stewart, left, deputy president Ian Duffey, Sustainable Clean Energy strategy director Phillipa Lehmann, managing director, Alastair Brodie,  director Warwick Newell and Waste Stream Solutions director Hans Felden with a sample of fuel produced from waste.

A ‘Green Energy Precinct’ industrial area is proposed for Narrabri to offer businesses low cost electricity generated with fuel created from waste including tyres, non recyclable plastics, timber and mattresses.

The project has been three years in planning and the proponent, Sustainable Clean Energy Pty Ltd., has identified a potential site of several hundred acres at Narrabri.

Sustainable Clean Energy managing director Alastair Brodie and his colleagues visited Narrabri on Friday to meet Narrabri Chamber of Commerce and Narrabri Shire Council representatives to discuss the project.

The production of fuels for power generation is part of the venture’s holistic waste management plan which would offer a range of waste management services to local government and industry, said Mr Brodie.

Sustainable Clean Energy Pty Ltd is planning to build a Moree receival and processing facility to convert waste into fuel to power electricity generation at dedicated Green Energy Precincts in regional centres from Toowoomba to Gunnedah.

A Development Application (DA) has been lodged with Moree Plains Shire Council for the plant at Moree and the proponents hope to begin construction this year.

“Moree was chosen as the central site for the processing facility because we plan to supply fuels to Green Energy Precincts north in Queensland and south to Narrabri and other regional centres,” said Mr Brodie.

The proponents have held discussions with Regional Development NSW and Northern Inland Resource Recovery Group and other agencies over the past few years, are in talks with local businesses, and have been joined by several Narrabri partners.

“Our objective is to recover the inherent energy from the huge volume of waste which otherwise goes to land fill”said Mr Brodie.

A collaborative company, Waste Stream Solutions Pty Ltd, is establishing waste collection contracts to provide a supply of waste for fuel manufacture.

“This waste material, including household rubbish, tyres, non recyclable plastics, green waste and effluent sludge will be processed into light or heavy fuels or further refined into a range of petrochemicals,” said Mr Brodie.

“The process is environmentally friendly and there are no emissions into the atmosphere.”

The fuel products would be delivered to Narrabri to power low cost electricity generation for industries established in the Green Energy Precinct.

The power would not be fed into the grid, and won’t be reticulated across existing transmission lines, but would be used exclusively by businesses within the Green Energy Precinct via a community grid.

Some businesses could be supplied by their own power generation plant using the low cost fuel.

“Depending on the particular business’s usage, power through the community grid would be available at up to half the cost of electricity from the Essential Energy grid, making the establishment of industries in Narrabri an attractive proposition and potentially supporting hundreds of local jobs,” said Mr Brodie.