First Motor Show lays foundations for future events

Car enthusiasts enjoy a day and night of motors and music

George, Edward and Alex Bennett and Jacob Cohen  were impressed with the hot rod.

Saturday’s inaugural NSW Regional Motor Show at Wee Waa has laid the groundwork for what local and regional enthusiasts hope will become a regular event.

Co-organiser Ian Passmore with Joe Sevil, said the event was enjoyed by visitors to the show.

“The music was fantastic, we had a million-dollar sound system, we had a great line up of cars with one fellow driving his hot rod all the way from Sydney for the show and

people have been coming up to me to say how well organised it was and if we are going to have another one they would be happy to help.

“Unfortunately, it was a very hot day and a lot of people went home after they had seen the cars and didn’t stay for the band, but the band was over the moon with the organisation of the stage and their dressing trailer,” Mr Passmore said.

“Actually anyone who didn’t attend the show or listen to the band really missed out on a fantastic time.

“No-one went hungry and no-one went thirsty with the barbecue and the bar and soft drink stall well stocked. While the numbers staying for the band’s performance was disappointing we will have a look at possibly a different time of year and what other hot rod activities are on for next time.”

The organisers thanked the sponsors, businesses and individuals who supported the event.