Georgia's winning habit

Young Bellata poultry breeder continues to make big splash in the world of poultry shows

PRIZE WINNERS: Georgia Kirkby, 11, with a Gold Campine cockerel and Silver laced Wyandotte pullet who both starred at the recent Royal Canberra Poultry Show.

Georgia Kirkby might only be 11-years-old but she has already racked up a list of achievements in the world of poultry competitions that many with decades of experience would be proud of.
Bellata-based Georgia, the daughter of Bruce and Nicky Kirkby and a student at Narrabri Public School, recently returned from Canberra where she competed at the prestigious Royal Canberra Poultry Show.
There she was the most successful junior girl at the Rare Breeds and Wyandotte Speciality Show missing out on overall most successful junior by just one point against competitors from all over the nation.
Georgia took four different types to the show - Gold Campine, Gold laced Wyandotte, Speckled Sussex and Sliver laced Wyandotte.
And she came home with a host of ribbons including best of breed Silver laced Wyandotte pullet (remarkably getting the top three placings in the section from 25 entries) and runner-up best of breed with a Speckled Sussex hen.
Making the achievement all the more remarkable was that while she won the junior girl section, she actually competed in open competition, with the junior titles decided from those results.
But it's almost par for the course for Georgia.