Great turnout for dementia awareness

Film screening proves to be popular

Members of the Dementia Friendly Town committee at the Still Alice screening at The Crossing Theatre on Saturday evening included Anne Williams (HealthWISE), Ros Solomon (Narrabri Shire Council), Cathy Johnson (Whiddon Group), Ron Chappel (community member), Margo Carberry (Community Health), Narrabri Shire Mayor Cathy Redding, chairwoman Dot Craig (Community Health) and Kylie Finlay (community member).

If there was any doubt about the local support for Narrabri to become a truly dementia friendly town, it would have been dispelled at The Crossing Theatre on Saturday evening.

The Dementia Friendly Town committee held a special screening of the Academy Award-winning film Still Alice, about a woman in the early stages of dementia, as part of its awareness campaign of the issue.

About 100 people from throughout the shire came to the screening on a busy Saturday.

It follows the distribution of dozens of copies of the novel of the same name, which Narrabri Shire residents have been encouraged to read and, perhaps more importantly, pass on to others to spread awareness of dementia.

Before the film screened, Narrabri Shire libraries manager Jenny Campbell led a discussion with the audience about some of the issues raised in the book.

Committee chairwoman Dot Craig said she was delighted with the turnout.