Gwabegar celebrates

Bringing our most isolated settlement a little closer

Enjoying the new Gwabegar Public School bus are, back, school learning support officers Theresa Draper and Hallie Knight, relieving principal Katie Sullivan, teacher Sonia Miller, substantive principal Helen Gray and Variety Club regional director Jason Bourke, third row, students Jack Thompson, Aidan O’Grady, Sophie Andrews, school captain Tayla Dunn and  Caitlyn Bingham, second row, Logan O’Grady and John Ward, front, Charlie Ward and pre-schoolers Oliver Ward and Paige O’Grady.

The settlement of Gwabegar can accurately be described as being a long way from anywhere, but the wider world just got a little closer for some of its youngest residents.
That’s thanks to the Variety Club of NSW, which last week presented Gwabegar Public School with a new ‘Sunshine Coach’ bus as part of its program to help children in rural and remote areas.
The school put up $20,000 for the bus, an amount that was matched then added to by the Variety Club.
Getting a new bus was actually a bit of a bonus for the school as it believed it was getting a second-hand vehicle.
Helen Gray, the long-time school principal now based in Mudgee, said one couldn’t be found “so (Variety Club) put in a bit more money to get us a new one”.
The bus would be used to transport school students to events in the wider world, Mrs Gray said.