How to do the hard yards

Meet Narrabri Shire Council's new 'workhorse'

Narrabri Shire Council plant operator Rodney Burr on board the new low-loader trailer which will be used to transport heavy machinery around the shire.

If ever a piece of equipment deserved the title of ‘workhorse’, the latest addition to Narrabri Shire Council’s ranks could well be it.

The council recently took possession of a $300,000 low loader, which will be used to haul its heavy equipment around the shire.

The Queensland-built trailer will become a familiar sight once it completes registration requirements to allow it to be used on NSW roads.

The trailer, custom-built in Brisbane by Drake Trailers, replaces the previous low loader which had been in service since 1998.

It is also a pretty impressive piece of equipment,being 12.9m long, which with the length of the truck pulling it brings the whole package up to the 22m maximum length permitted to allow night work as well.