'Jury' members wanted

How well prepared is Narrabri Shire for floods, storms and bushfires?

Seeking everyone’s views: SES NSW community engagement senior project officer Samantha Karmel and Narrabri deputy unit controller Peter Verwey survey locals Bridie, Peter and Ebonnie Whan at the Gypsy Rose Markets in Narrabri on Saturday.

Jury duty can at times be as exciting as watching paint dry, but one of a different sort that promises a lot more is coming to Narrabri next month.
The SES is holding a Citizens’ Jury as part of its Get Ready Narrabri Shire project, which aims to get the community working together to keep safe in a natural disaster.
It is a pioneering event which will be held during the weekend of September 17-19, and will require 20 locals - preferably from as wide a range of backgrounds as possible - to mull over some important information.
Jury members will actually sit in the Narrabri Courthouse, where they will hear from a range of authorities and other knowledgeable people - including the Bureau of Meteorology,
emergency services and Narrabri Shire Council staff - about how disasters are managed, including preparation and response.
Community members will also address the jury detailing their experiences of being involved in natural disasters, their perceptions of risk and impacts, including on their mental health.
They will also have a bit of information beforehand, as the SES has been active in the community in the past week, getting members of the public to fill out short surveys to gauge community attitudes about preparedness and expected responses during floods, storms and bushfires.
The survey is also available online, with a link posted on The Courier’s Facebook page today.
The jury won’t have to make any judgements, but its deliberations and the other information gathered will be used to hopefully contribute to more effective disaster management in the shire.