Narrabri farmer wants a Belgian wife

Belgian spin-off of popular television show comes to Narrabri

Cameraman Benny Wuyts, sound recordist Yannile Bolsens and mayor Cathy Redding at Narrabri airport yesterday morning as the ‘farmer’, back to camera, is interviewed by host, popular Belgian TV and radio presenter An Lemmens, also obscured.

The daily Fly Corporate Metroliner from Sydney touched down at Narrabri Airport yesterday carrying an extra large cargo of video camera and sound recording gear, along with a film crew and celebrity Belgian television identity An Lemmens.

The TV crew arrived, amid secrecy of sorts, to be greeted by the mayor Cathy Redding and several senior council staff but most importantly a potential Narrabri husband for a Belgian woman. The visit is all part of the production of the Belgian version of the hugely popular reality TV series Farmer Wants A Wife and the crew is here to profile a prospective husband.

The local farmer will be filmed and interviewed out in the paddock and in other at-home scenarios to show his lifestyle and provide his profile and material for the show.

The program will go to air in Belgium in the week of March 26. The film crew will return to Narrabri in August with three women who have been selected having written in to the program saying why they would like to make a life with a particular farmer who has been featured, say in Narrabri, and the final programs will go to air in September.