Narrabri High School students to tour Europe

Students from 39 schools to perform in three European countries at the fourth West of the Divide band tour.

Matt Nash (Year 11), Lucy Gordon (Year 9), Dylan Gordon (Year 11), Lillia Schlack (Year 10), James Madden (Year 11), Lauren Brown (Year 8), Layten Smith (Year 11) and Alexandra Bennett (Year 9) are eight of the 72 musicians who will preform at the fourth West of the Divide band tour in Italy, Croatia and Slovenia in January.

Eight Narrabri High School students will travel to Europe in January to perform at some of the world’s most well-known venues in Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.

Year 11 students Layten Smith, James Madden, Matt Nash and Dylan Gordon, Year 10 student Lillia Schlack, Year 9 students Lucy Gordon and Alexandra Bennett and Year 8 student Lauren Brown will join up with 64 other students from 38 other schools to perform in the three European countries at the fourth West of the Divide band tour.

The 39 schools are all located in one of three regions - the North West Region, the Riverina region and the Western region.

No school has more students travelling on the tour than Narrabri High School and for good reason - the eight local musicians well and truly have what it takes.

The students all attended regional vocal camps and band camps where they each excelled in their respective fields, earning them invites to the two-week tour.

“At the camps the staff sit around on the last night and discuss which kids at the camp we should nominate for state camp and should we nominate for the West of the Divide trip,” said Narrabri High School music teacher Stephen Bailey.

“We’re looking for the kids who can cope with the workload the best, who are performing outstandingly and working well as an ensemble, that’s the selection process essentially.”

Mr Bailey said that the eight Narrabri High School students who were selected for the tour certainly met that criteria.

Year 11 student and recently-selected Narrabri High School 2019 vice-captain Matt Nash said he was excited to represent his school.

“Whenever I get an opportunity to represent the school in events like this it’s fantastic,” Matt said.

“It’s just a fantastic opportunity and I’m excited.”