New Nurruby negotiations

Meeting held in Wee Waa last night

Wee Waa OOSH staff member Anita Wright, OOSH co-ordinator Lisa Pfeffer, Cr Ron Campbell and Nurruby president Kristen Greentree at last night’s meeting.

A meeting of worried parents and community members last night heard reassurances that child care services would continue in Wee Waa and that all the issues now engaging Nurruby and the Narrabri Shire Council would be subject to fresh negotiation.

However, Nurruby’s concerns remained as to where the negotiations on a new rental agreement would lead and the level and cost of services under any new arrangement.

Narrabri Shire Councillor Ron Campbell told the community meeting convened by Nurruby Children’s Services that all issues relating to the ongoing operations of Wee Waa Nurruby day care would be on the table for fresh examination and review.

Cr Campbell said the council would ensure there were child care services in Wee Waa into the future.

“Be reassured that council will go down the path of negotiation, taking into account all the issues,” Cr Campbell said.

“Negotiations will start afresh.”

Nurruby board president Kristen Greentree chaired the meeting which she said was to clarify the issues for parents and the community and to address what Nurruby said were inaccuracies from the council.

“It was very encouraging to see the support from the community, which we are not surprised about because people are very passionate about this,” she said.