Pilliga a feral cat free first

Cats, foxes each killed 25,000-50,000 native animals per year in the area now enclosed

Narrabri-based Australian Wildlife Conservancy team members, operations officer Duncan Wallace, left, and operations manager Wayne Sparrow, survey the completed feral animal proof fence - 32km long and enclosing 5822 ha of the Pilliga.

The first native Australian Bilby to set foot in the Pilliga in decades may be released into his new home in November.

The Greater Bilby will be one of six native animal species to be re-introduced into the Pilliga thanks to the establishment of a fenced, feral predator free safe haven, a joint project of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the NSW government.

The Pilliga project has created the first feral cat and fox free area in a NSW National Park.

Cats and foxes have wiped out many native species in the Pilliga.

Now native animals have a 5822 hectare sanctuary enclosed by a 32 km, two metre high fence.

Eradication of cats and foxes within its boundary is underway and when the area is feral free, re-introduction of the native animals will begin, probably in November.

The Pilliga project has been underway by a Narrabri based team from the Australian Wildlife Conservancy for the past two years.

It is much more than a fenced area, but a complex project informed by science.

The AWC is an Australian independent, non-profit organisation, working to conserve threatened wildlife and ecosystems in Australia.