Preferred route for Inland Rail released

The Narromine-Narrabri preferred corridor released

The blue area marks the 2km-wide preferred corridor for the Narromine-Narrabri section of the Inland Rail route as it travels the southern part of Narrabri Shire.

A decision has been made on the preferred rail route for the Inland Rail project between Narromine and Narrabri, and it is slated to run up the western side of the Newell Highway.

The federal government publicly released the preferred route for the 324km line this morning, following an analysis of the many options.

A map of the preferred corridor - at this stage still 2km wide -as it relates to Narrabri Shire is above.

It runs roughly north-east along the Pilliga East State Forest and comes out at the highway on the forest’s north-eastern boundary, from where it travels on to meet the existing Walgett line just west of Narrabri, and then continuing north across the Kamilaroi Highway to join up with the proposed Narrabri-North Star section. The preferred route is the last one standing from several initially proposed.

All involved a line through the Pilliga but they diverged from there.

Some came out further west, while one actually crossed the Newell and came into Narrabri from the east.