Property owner concerned after shooting

 Billy, the family pet was found shot  about 200 metres in on private property in line with the house, pictured behind Mrs Hamilton and Billy’s mate Oscar.

Police have warned of heavy penalties for shooters firing onto private property following an incident on the Bingara road on Friday night.

A pet goat, Billy, was allegedly shot on private land, about 100 metres from a property homestead.

The distressed owner, Mrs Kath Hamilton, said the goat was a family pet of 11 years.

“I heard three shots,” said Mrs Hamilton, who was in the homestead kitchen when the shots were fired.

“These were shots from a high powered rifle from the direction of the road and our house is in a direct line from where we found Billy dead.

“The house is only about 300 metres from the road and is clearly visible.

“All the lights were on.

“I am familiar with firearms and know the sound of high powered rifles,” Mrs Hamilton said.

“The high velocity bullets on Friday night could easily have come straight through the house.

“As it was, the shooting was a wanton act.

“We are distressed that our family’s pet of 11 years was shot down.

“Billy was in a power fenced paddock between the house and the road.

“We try to ensure he and his mate Oscar, also a pet of 11 years, are secure.”

Mrs Hamilton said she searched for Billy after not seeing him and found his remains on Monday morning.

“I contacted the police and they have been really helpful and supportive and are looking in to it,” said Mrs Hamilton.

Inspector Robert Dunn of Narrabri police said a section of the Crimes Act, 93G covering ‘cause danger with a firearm’ provided a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment.

“We treat these matters very seriously, particularly where a domestic animal is injured in a situation which could have caused harm to a person in the vicinity.”

Enquiries are continuing.