Quick action saves property

Firefighters respond quickly to Narrabri fire

LUCKY ESCAPE: Balonne Street resident Bruce Cope and Narrabri Fire and Rescue deputy captain Jason Anderson in front of a scene which could have been a lot worse.

A Narrabri resident has a quick response to thank for both himself and his property being saved yesterday.

A fire took hold among a timber stack outside a shed at Bruce Cope’s Balonne Street property about 8.30am.

Mr Cope went to put it out, but found the huge clouds of smoke - a tyre was burning in the stack - was just the start.

The fire had taken hold inside the shed, where Mr Cope restores furniture so he went to try to put that out as well.

“I was in there trying to open up the door and let the smoke out,” he said.

In the meantime someone called Triple-Zero and Narrabri Fire and Rescue was on scene within minutes.

“When they turned up they told me to get out of there,” Mr Cope said.