Rating 1700 km of shire roads, metre by metre

Wondering what these guys are doing with this vehicle?

Tuomas Lehti, on a working holiday from Finland, and Christian Haver, The Netherlands, are surveying the shire’s roads network, metre by metre, with computers front and back and roof mounted cameras.

A car carrying several cameras and sophisticated computers has been quietly cruising the highways and byways of Narrabri Shire during the past few weeks.

Narrabri Shire Council has commissioned a road, footpath and kerb survey company to traverse the shire’s unsealed roads network and compile data on their condition, metre by metre.

On board the car, collecting data via computers fed from the cameras, are Christian Haver and Tuomas Lehti.

It is painstaking work examining every section of road.

“It is a pretty big area,” they said.

“All up we will cover about 1700km of shire roads.”

The project will take several weeks and will take the road inspectors across roads ranging from good to not so good.

“We grade the roads from one to five, assessed on their condition, gravel, potholes, corrugations and other factors,” said Mr Lehti.