Safer roads ahead for young cyclists

Narrabri Public School the venue for bike education day

Learning about safe cycling were Tallara Lamb, Lucy Adams, C J Lamb, Aleka Russell and Kyneneil Gibbs with Bike and Fitness mechanic Mitchell Bartley at Narrabri Public School on Thursday.

Road safety was the focus of a training session for young bike riders in Narrabri on Thursday.

The morning session presented by Bike and Fitness coaches Damien and Jenny Enderby saw bike safety and road rules explained, the kids’ bike seats adjusted for each rider, bikes checked for brakes, tightening up of nuts and bolts and repairs made if needed by mechanic Mitchell Bartley.

The twenty five riders learned valuable information not only about road rules and awareness of hazards, but also the importance of wearing a bike helmet and keeping hydrated in hot weather.

And each participant was given a new helmet and a water bottle to keep.