Single-species avenue wanted for CBD

Push is one to replace several types of trees with just one

Manchurian pears have been one species proposed as a possibility for Maitland Street, though Chanticleer Pears are seen as more suitable for Narrabri

Moves to have Narrabri’s new CBD planted with an avenue of same species trees have gathered momentum.
An original proposal to have multiple different species planted along the Maitland Street median strip has been rejected by local horticulturists, the Narrabri Garden Club and visiting garden designers.
On Sunday, Garden Club and community members attending a gardening workshop were encouraged to contact shire councillors to urge that the avenue of trees concept be adopted.
At the conclusion of the workshop, convened by the Narrabri Garden Club, the two guest presenters, Narromine-based garden design consultants Sue McCutcheon and Judy Barlow were invited to give their opinion and strongly suggested that the CBD be planted with a single species to form an avenue.
“This is the accepted practice by local councils,” the speakers said.
“The whole push these days is towards avenues of street trees, not a collection of multiple species,” said Mrs McCutcheon.
“Street plantings absolutely should be avenues of same species trees and there are particular species designed specifically for such avenues.
“The one ideal for Narrabri is Pyrus Chanticleer. They are a columnar pear and they would grow well here."