SMART fast track to get on the technology train

The theme of the trip was smart robotics

Bianca Williams, Lachlan Ross (back) and Blaike Copelin.

When two members of the Newcastle University SMART program visited Wee Waa last week, they expected to be able share their love of science and technology with students at St Joseph’s and Wee Waa Public Schools.

But they got a bit of a surprise by learning something themselves.

Charlotte Brew and Adam Graham were in town as part of the SMART (Science, Maths And Real Technology) roadshow, which performed science and technology shows for the students, held workshops with the older ones and also helped trained teachers to use the (particularly robotics) technology they already have.

Both schools have invested in robotic technology appropriate for primary school-aged children.

The SMART program has been running for about 20 years, having visited Narrabri Shire many times before.

It was formed with the idea of getting students involved and interested in the subjects, especially urgent given the likely changing nature of employment in the future which will see many more workers needed in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) fields.

Ms Brew said the theme of this trip was “smart robotics”.

“We want to try and get kids involved in having a basic understanding of it and wanting to get into it,” she said.