The long road begins for Narrabri Gas Project

The Department of Planning and the Environment has held several information sessions in Narrabri this week in relation to the Narrabri Gas Project.

The Deaprtment of Planning and Environment's Mike Young and David Kitto answering questions at the community meeting in Narrabri on Tuesday night.

It may seem that the Narrabri Gas Project has already been a long time in the making, but effectively the first steps in the heart of the process were taken this week.
The Department of Planning and Environment has held information sessions with adjacent landholders, other interested groups and the public to explain in detail exactly what the process looks like and what form it will take.
That process was triggered by Santos lodging its Environmental Impact Statement in late-January, on which submissions are open until May 22.
About 70 members of the public took advantage of the community information sessions at The Crossing Theatre on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.
Forty of those attended the Tuesday evening session where the
department’s executive director of resource assessments David Kitto and director of resource assessments Mike Young both provided an overview of the project and the journey so far, before answering questions from the public.
And several of those in attendance lined up to question the process, including farmers, Narrabri Shire councillors and other members of the public.
The first of the questions was from Gerry Killen, of Narrabri, who asked why the department was allowing submissions to simply state whether they supported or opposed the project without giving reasons.
“That’s just not on, if you’re serious you need to have a proper submission,” he said.