Top tipsters off to grand final weekend

Another year's tipping done and dusted

Back, from left, Richards Metaland proprietor Jeff Richards, Maryanne Sheridan, front, The Courier manager Wanda Dunnet, Richards Metaland tipsters Brett Hannaford and Cody Wilson, readers’ competition winner Ian Schweitzer and The Courier advertising consultant Alex Christakos.

After one of the closest ever Courier NRL Tipping Competitions, Ian Schweitzer and Richards Metaland have emerged as winners of the readers’ competition and the Business House Challenge.

The top tipsters have won two night’s accommodation in Sydney’s luxury five star Radisson Blu hotel, sponsored by Radisson Blu, and return air tickets to Sydney and premium seats at the Grand Final courtesy of The Courier.

Readers’ competition winner Ian Schweitzer admitted he was delighted to claw back to the winning spot after languishing lower on the table.

In the final weeks he came from 14th place to second, then first in the final round.

“Don’t worry about the sprinters, it’s the stayers you have to watch,” he said.

Richards Metaland Cody Wilson and Brett Hannaford were the company’s tipsters.

Proprietor Jeff Richards has commitments with Pony Camp on the long weekend so won’t be able to attend the Grand Final.

In his stead Cody and Brett will take the prize.

Ian Schweitzer is taking his son-in-law Jason Smith with him to the Grand Final.