Tracey's tribute for a good cause

Tracey Fing loses her locks in a fundraiser.

Tracey Fing with friend Imogen Bunner after the event. Ms Bunner’s mother Patricia ‘Tate’ Bunner was one of the people Ms Fing decided to shave her hair in tribute to.

Tracey Fing has done it before - now she’s done it again.
After shaving her head in 2008 to raise funds for cancer research, this morning she underwent the clippers again.
Ms Fing did so to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.
But it also had a wider meaning.
Ms Fing undertook the shave in honour of three people who have lost their lives to cancer - her mother Lesley, her father’s partner’s former partner Ian and her friend Imogen Bunner’s mother Patricia.
She has planned the fundraiser for some time too.