Ugandan trip for local scientist

Rebecca Thistlethwaite off on Rotary Group Study Exchange

Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Wheat scientist Rebecca Thistlethwaite is preparing for a trip to Uganda, in East Africa, as part of a Rotary Group Study Exchange.

Dr Thistlethwaite will be part of a group which includes professionals from the healthcare sector, early childhood education, and land management sectors.

The group will spend one month in Uganda, and will stay with local Rotary families.

While in Uganda, they will learn about the Ugandan approaches to running the various sectors, and study the various factors which affect them.

While Dr Thistlethwaite wishes to gain first hand experience of agricultural practices in Uganda, she is just as keen to get to know the culture of Uganda.

“Cultural understanding is essential for the success of big projects,” said Dr Thistlethwaite, who is part of a large project on wheat production in Uganda.