Water flows at Baan Baa

Long awaited water supply ‘will underwrite growth of the community’

 Baan Baa now has a town water supply. Long time lobbyists for the Baan Baa water supply, Advance Baan Baa members Lauren Mackley, president Des Barton and Toby Guest with the shire’s Infrastrucutre Delivery director Darren Raeck at a community meeting in Baan Baa Hall  on Monday night learned about the next step for residents to plug in to the water.

Baan Baa is poised on the brink of a new era as a long awaited reticulated village water supply begins to flow tomorrow.

A $4.46 million project funded by Narrabri Shire Council and Restart NSW has brought water to town.

Baan Baa has not had a secure water supply since 1882.

Previously residents had to cart water in to fill their tanks.

As of tomorrow, Friday, Baan Baa’s 41 properties will have a town water supply at their front gate with a further 60 blocks eligible for connection.

The arrival of the water supply signals growth ahead for the village said the president of Advance Baan Baa committee Des Barton.

Mr Barton and his group have been lobbying for a reticulated supply for several years.

“We formed our group about four years ago to push for a water supply and other progress and now it has been achieved,” Mr Barton said.