Wee Waa: What a wonderful community

Community lends a helping hand in farmers’ time of need

Kenway and Clark operations manager Sam Collier, Wee Waa Newsagency owner Roxanne Whitton and Wee Waa Hot Bread co-owner Carlie Gray.

When someone is in need of a helping hand, small towns always pull through - it is one of the many great things they are known for.

And Wee Waa is certainly no different.

So while most of the farmers in Wee Waa and surrounding areas are currently doing it tough during a frustrating drought period, it was not surprising that community members would waste no time in teaming up to help them out.

On Thursday afternoon a truckload of nine pallets of goods organised by Wee Waa Newsagency owner Roxanne Whitton arrived to town.

They were dropped off at Kenway and Clark, and Sam Collier, John Tully and fellow staff members helped move them to the CWA hall, where they also helped unload, unpack, and move the items inside.

Mrs Whitton said that she was pleased to have been able to help what was such an important cause.

She described to the Wee Waa News exactly how the plan came to light.

“A lady from Queensland heard that we were having the ‘cuppa with the farmers’ and she asked if we could use 26 boxes of cereal,” Mrs Whitton said.

“From that she asked me how I could distribute them.

“I said that my husband has the mail contracts and I would get him to pop them in people’s mailboxes.

“Because he does all around the district I can get them to Burren, Rowena, Pilliga and Yarrie Lake.

“She said she would give me the number for another lady who is raising things for the farmers in Tamworth.

“She gave me that number and asked me to phone her and told me to tell her what I was going to do.

“So I did that and I just explained that I wanted to bag stuff up and put them in mailboxes, so everybody knew that all of us in town were thinking of them.

“From that the lady said that if I could get an eight-tonne truck over there and a hall to store some stuff in she would send us over some stuff.

“That was on Tuesday (of last week) then I spoke to Sam (Collier) at Kenway and Clark.

“I asked him if he had a truck and he said ‘leave it with me’.

“He spoke to Mitchell Brodigan from Namoi Logistics and [on Thursday] a semi trailer turned up with nine pallets of groceries on it.

“It was all donated.

“I just can’t believe how our community made it happen overnight.”