Welcome to Year 7 at Wee Waa High School

Meet this year's intake of new school students

Back, Kiera Trindall, Jordan Lonnen, Hayden Shearin, David Allen, Cooper Hilderson, Connor Schatz,  third row, Cameisha Biles, Tealia Smith, Jordon Giffiths, Emma Holmes, Elsie Platt, Carissa Constable, Thomas Eldridge, Brock Radburn. Isaac Weaver, second row, Kyanne Croaker, Sarah Freeman, Acacia Bell, Dani Newman, Axel Currey, Blake Stewart, Seth Fisher, front, year adviser Sally Reichel, Alyssa Elford, Tihana Williams, Zoey Kiem, Emma Graham, Emma Kirby, Wally Gray, Kallan Marchant, Harry Schwager and Aboriginal Education Officer Helen Wenner.

Last week Wee Waa High School staff and students were delighted to warmly welcome our new Year 7 cohort.
This year’s Year 7 group is made up of students from each of the three local schools.
Year adviser Sally Reichel said it had been really pleasing to see all of the students quickly making new friendships and enthusiastically involving themselves in all of their classes.