Why not sign up to learn about sign language?

No stress, fun to learn, no tests

Rose Mangan and Linda Suey, pictured with instructor Johanna Lekke, have been learning about Auslan. Rose is learning sign language  to help with her work at the Mercy Centre in Hinds Street. But interested people are invited to learn Auslan as a recreation course which would also give them a valuable skill.

We’d all love to be able to read them regarding our future, but we can all now learn how to interpret a much more useful set of signs.

Australian Sign Language (better known as AUSLAN) tutor Johanna Lekke is coming to the Community College Northern Inland at Narrabri on Wednesday, July 19, to teach locals sign language.

Community College program coordinator Joan Longworth said the course would appeal to a broad range of participants.

People who want to learn simply as an interest course are welcome. There is no stress, it’s fun to learn, there are no tests and anyone from 14 years up is welcome to join the six week course.

“Knowing sign language is not only a valuable means of communicating with people who have a hearing impairment,” Mrs Longworth said.