Year 8 students honour Toby’s memory

“He was a role model, an idol."

One of the classes that Toby Linehan helped out as a teacher’s aide in was Year 8 English. Pictured is class teacher Therese Davies, Brooke Miskle, Haylee Finn, Hayley Parker, Julaan Fish (obscured), Shae Murphy, Juwan Tohevi, Arlen Sevil (behind Juwan), Don Watkins, Skye McPherson, Josh Briggs, Toby’s father Marty Linehan, Carly Farr, Toby’s mother Jane Linehan, Toby’s girlfriend Lidia McCauley and Bodee Scott.

Year 8 students and teachers at Narrabri High School recently honoured the memory of former student and teacher’s aide Toby Linehan.

Mr Linehan died in a two-vehicle crash just outside Boggabri on Monday, April 2.

Aged 18, he had made a significant impact during his short time in the role at the school which he graduated from just last year.

On Tuesday, May 22, Mr Linehan’s parents, Marty and Jane, and girlfriend Lidia McCauley visited Narrabri High School to speak to some of the students who he had taught.

The Year 8 English students shared stories and memories of their fondest experiences with Mr Linehan, while he was both a student and a staff member.

They also presented Mr Linehan’s parents with a framed memory board, which also included a poem that the class wrote together.

Year 8 student Juwan Tohevi said that Mr Linehan inspired him to be the best person that he possibly could, both at school and outside of school.

“He taught me to always work hard and respect people,” Juwan said.

“He was a role model, an idol.

“Outside of school, every time we went to the gym I’d always see him there and he’d always tell me to push.

“He’d help me when he was there too.”

Juwan said that it felt “phenomenal” to be able to give back to Mr Linehan’s family so they knew just how much he inspired all of the students.