Green light given to brighter nights at two main local sporting fields

New lighting for Hogan and Leitch Ovals to be installed soon

 Narrabri Rugby League Football Club and Narrabri Touch Inc’s Jeremy Saunders, Narrabri FC’s Steve Lubke, Narrabri Touch Inc’s Joan O’Neill, Crossroads Eleven FC’s Leon Ryman and Narrabri District Cricket Association’s Bill Wood. The five are all key figures in their respective clubs or associations, which will each benefit from the new lights.

Those long-suffering sportspeople who have been trying to play their chosen sport at night on Hogan or Leitch ovals are about to get what they’ve wanted.

Narrabri Shire councillors have approved an upgrade to the substandard lighting at the two town ovals.

That has been made possible by transferring $100,000 included in the budget to excavate a pump well behind the Collins Park grandstand.

The pump well would have meant irrigation pumps could have been removed from exposed tracks on the creek bank, where they posed dangers to council workers and contractors during floods.

The $100,000 allocated for that will be added to a similar amount already reserved for lighting the two ovals (which includes a $25,000 NSW Sport and Recreation grant obtained by Narrabri Touch Inc), which is more than the $150,000 to $180,000 upgrading the lighting at the two ovals is expected to cost.

Council development and economic growth director Tony Meppem told councillors the lights would benefit a range of sports.

The plan was to have lights at Hogan Oval which would allow competitive sport to be played there properly at night, with the lights at Leitch Oval upgraded to a good enough standard for training.

“The two ovals are the most heavily used night time ovals in the shire,” he said.