Let the games begin

Another team doubles tennis competition to begin soon

Allan Williams, Narrabri Tennis head coach Shane Murphy, Richard Baranski and Marcel Walsh at the Narrabri tennis courts yesterday afternoon before a practice hit.

Narrabri Tennis is set to welcome a new wave of four-person tennis teams to the local courts in the coming weeks.

Head coach and competition organiser Shane Murphy said that he hoped to see an increased number of players and teams for the coming team doubles competition.

The most recent competition, which finished in December, only attracted eight teams between both A- and B-grade.

Murphy said that he wanted that to increase.

“The best part about the team doubles competition is that our B-grade competition is not super serious,” Murphy said.

“We are looking to attract more players, especially in B-grade.

“There are a lot of tennis players around who don’t play in the team doubles comp.

“Whether it’s in a competitive grade or a grade just to have a hit and have fun there is something for all tennis players.”

This year there will be two four-person team competitions, either side of a two-person doubles tournament.

Meanwhile, the 2018 junior representative tennis season begins next weekend.

The first Junior Development Series of the season will be contested in Tamworth.

Narrabri will host its JDS later in the year.

JDA age groups are under-8, under-10, under-12, under-14, under16, and under-21.