Narrabri’s new greenkeeper

Peter Doring to look after Narrabri Bowling Club’s greens in 2018

Narrabri Bowling Club’s greenkeeper Peter Doring working on the greens.

In September 2017 Peter Doring became the Narrabri Bowling Club’s greenkeeper, ending the club’s search for a qualified person to fill the position.

Doring arrived with almost 18 years experience, and a passion for both bowling greens and the sport itself.

He completed his horticultural/greenkeeping apprenticeship in Newcastle in 2000, and after completing that took up a role at Wee Waa Bowling Club where he worked alongside Steve Berger.

Doring continued to work on the Wee Waa greens until last year.

He said that although he had dedicated himself to his new role, he would always make himself available to the Wee Waa Bowling Club when they needed a hand.

The move was a massive step out of Doring’s comfort zone, after spending about 14 years at the Wee Waa Bowling Club.

He said that it was one which he was excited to have made, and that he looked forward to taking on the challenge.

The Narrabri Bowling Club greens are currently far from their usual best, which Doring said would make his new role at the club an even bigger challenge.

The greens are currently affected by ground pearl, among other things, which have resulted in patches forming on the greens.

But Doring said that since he began in September he has seen great progress, and that the greens would be playable when the bowls season started in February.

His goal for 2018 was for the greens to have full coverage.

“If I can get full coverage I’ll be happy,” he said.