Super night at the speedway

Northwest Speedway Club president Gary Rodd impressed with the crowd and the racing

Local driver Scott Connole (70) in action in the NSW Formula 500 Series, which he won in front of a home crowd on Saturday night at the Newtown Park track.

The Northwest Speedway Club hosted its first race meeting of the 2018-19 speedway season on Saturday night at the Newtown Park track.

And what a success it was.

Six local drivers raced to a top-three finish in their respective feature events, two of which were actually winners.

President Gary Rodd and his son and vice-president James Rodd both agreed that the crowd, which was estimated to have been about 600 people strong, was the largest since the club’s first meeting since reforming in 2012.

Rodd thanked everyone who helped out on what he described as “a very good night”.

“As president of the club I was very, very proud,” Rodd said.

“It was a very good night, it was a great success.

“We are a small committee, and the committee I had I thank them very, very much.

“Also, everyone who helped out on the night and leading up to the night, whether it was something big or small, we could not have done what we did on Saturday night without all that help.

“All the work that we put in paid off.

“The racing across all divisions was just so fast and so close.

“We did a rough figure of 600 spectators on the hill and 400 in the pit area.

“To have all of those people come watch was just awesome.

“I was talking to a friend of mine and one person said to him ‘this is better than Parramatta’ and that the racing was so fast.”

Rodd was especially impressed with the Newtown Park track.

“The track was very good,” Rodd said.

“We put something like 16 hours of work into preparing that track between Friday afternoon through to Saturday afternoon.

“It held up very well and all the drivers were very impressed.”

Rodd said that Saturday’s meeting provided the club with confidence in its future.

Speedway started in Narrabri in the 1970s before folding, then restarted later before folding again.

The club has been back up and running since 2012, and Rodd said that he was confident in its presence in the coming years.

He also said that the club would consider adding an extra meeting in next year’s season to have three racenights instead of two.

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