Touch champs crowned

Grumley Builders, Redbacks, Stylemasters and Roulettes win touch finals

A-grade ladies’ winners: Redbacks - back, Ashtine Nott, Sara Melbourne, Tianne Parker, Daisy Robinson, Emma John, Brooke Field, front, April Leggett, Telisha Hilderson, Tori Allison, Lauren Nott, Hayley Lang and Emma Marvell.

The Narrabri Touch Inc 2017-18 summer competition came to a close last night, following the grand finals of all four grades.

In A-grade men’s Redskins took on Grumley Builders, in A-grade ladies’ Redbacks met Agies Ladies, in B-grade men’s ARP Bottletops challenged Stylemasters and in B-grade ladies’ RSL Roulettes played Summers.

In four tight matches the largest winning margin was three tries.

That was in the A-grade men’s final, where Grumley Builders defeated Redskins 6-3.

Two games were decided by two tries.

Redbacks downed Agies Ladies 2-0 in the A-grade ladies final, and RSL Roulettes beat Summers 4-2 in the B-grade ladies’ final.

The B-grade men’s final was decided by just one try, after Stylemasters downed ARP Bottletops 4-3.