Valentine's Day 2018

Celebrating Valentines Day in the Narrabri Shire

Valentine's Day 2018

Valentine’s Day is a much-celebrated event in Australia and its popularity seems to be increasing by the year.

About 90 per cent of people in the age group of 18-24 and 45 per cent of people above 50 are said to celebrate the day.

People in Australia utilise Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to strengthen bonds of love with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours with simple acts of love.

It must be love, love, love

Love is a powerful, involuntary emotion that can indefinitely change your life, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

At some point in our lives, we are going to experience some version of love.

The word love is used as an expression of affection towards someone else (I love you) but it also expresses pleasure (I love chocolate).

To make it a little more complicated, the word ‘love’ also expresses a human virtue that is based on compassion, affection and kindness.

This is a state of being, that has nothing to do, with something or someone outside yourself.

This is the purest form of love.

We all know the story, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, get married, start a family and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately for our new age love stories, statistics show that about one in three marriages will end in divorce, for whatever reasons.

One in three marriages may end in divorce, but two in three marriages lead to a happy, fulfilling life.

Narrabri residents Barry Cunningham and Angela Cunningham (Gleeson) met when they were both working at Logan’s timber back in the 1950s, she was an office assistant and he was an apprentice.

Time had passed and their affections grew, eventually they dated and fell madly in love.

At the ages of 22 and 20, Barry and Angela said their vows at St Francis Xavier’s Catholic Church on October 28, 1961, a beautiful ceremony attended by family and friends.

Fifty six years on and their love has grown into two children and six grandchildren, a home full of memories and a wonderful life.

You’d have to wonder, what’s the secret, how did they do it?

It wasn’t all easy, but Angela says “apart from the love that is there, having a genuine care and concern for one another is what makes a partnership wholesome and true when you feel that for someone else, you know it’s right”.

Communication is another crucial part of a healthy relationship, being able to just sit at the dining table of an afternoon and talk for hours, you have to be able to talk to each other, about all the big and little things.

Whether it be love for your partner, your community, your pet, a neighbour, a mate, a BFF, your family members or even your workplace pal.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your appreciation for the people in your life, whether they’ve been there for 56 years, or even just six months.

It’s time to spread the love!

Timeless, personal, memorable - why engraving is the best way to lock in the love

Engraving a special gift with a special message is the most powerful way there is to say ‘I love you.’

Engraving is forever.

Jim Baguley from Baguley’s Jewellers is Narrabri’s very own engraving connoisseur and I had the pleasure of delving into the world of engraving with Jim, and what it means to give the gift of an everlasting message.

Jim Baguley at work

My father is an engraving enthusiast.

If you didn’t get an engraved gift from Dad for your birthday then it wasn’t really a birthday.

Over the years I have grown to appreciate and cherish those special messages carved lovingly into my very first heart shaped car key ring or beautiful silver jewellery box.

While the lovely Ruby is manning the floor of Baguley’s Jewellers, through a little window you’ll see Jim tucked away out the back, and what exactly is he doing back there you may ask?

Well odds are he’s carefully in scripting a name, initials, a date, or a timeless message into a stunning piece of jewellery.

Scattered across a well-used workbench there are all sorts of tools used for a practise that’s been around almost since civilisation began.

Hand engraving adds grace and elegance to not only jewellery, but photo frames, glassware, jewellery boxes, watches, hip flasks and pens.

Engraving techniques:

The simplest form of engraving is hand engraving, sometimes called ‘push engraving’.

It sounds like what it is - take a sharp tool and gouge (or push it into) a piece of material to make a mark.

One can imagine stone-age humans using this primitive form of engraving to make marks and drawings on cave walls.

But the human hand is only strong enough to engrave some materials, and if the material is hard, a person trying to engrave using this method will tire before long.

This problem led to the invention of what was probably the second form of engraving to be created, known as chasing.

Chasing may have been in use as long as 47,000 years ago.

Whether on metal, wood, stone or another material, chasing is simply the use of a hammer (or some other tool) to strike the carving tool, such as a chisel.

This form of engraving has the benefit of allowing the engraver to carve much harder materials, such as stone, and work for longer period of time without becoming tired.

Chasing was used in many civilisations, from Greece to China, often to carve beautiful statues and figurines.

As cultures advanced, people began to create and use other methods of engraving.

For example, the Egyptians fashioned and used hand-powered rotating drills during the height of the Old Kingdom, from 2700–2100 BC.

The drill basically consisted of a long stick with a handle on top.

The stick had a drill bit (a sharpened, triangular piece of flint, diorite, quartzite or sometimes copper) attached to the end.

The drill was weighed down with two stones attached by ropes.

The drill was then turned back and forth, either between two hands, or with one hand on the handle and the other steadying either the shank or the vessel.

As the drilling evolved, Egyptians began turning the drills by dragging a bow back and forth across the shaft, similar to the technique used to start a fire by spinning a wooden stick against another material.

Hand engraving adds grace and elegance to jewellery, especially in the case of elaborate interlocking monograms like this one

Engraving is a tradition that not only brings beauty into the world, but one that leaves behind a legacy of history for the future.

Tatt's amore

Popular local chef Rhys Gard is back in a new location with a new menu at the Tatt’s Bistro serving up his typical comfort food we’ve all come to know and love.

Join Rhys and his team for his first Valentine’s Day at the Tatt’s as they dish up something extra special made with love for the romantics out there this Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14.

There is a choice of a delicious two course meal for $35 or three courses for only $45.

The delicious menu below, is ready to tingle your tastebuds and culinary senses.

Call Rhys and his team on 6792 6555 as bookings are limited and essential.

The standard menu will also be available for walk-ins.


Scallops with beetroot puree and pinenuts


Salt and Pepper Squid with herby ‘slaw and lime mayo


Arancini w Lindy’s Tomatoes, basil pesto, aioli

- MAIN -

Chicken Cordon Bleu with leg ham, mozzarella,

honey mustard sauce and greens


Grilled fillet steak, cafe de Paris butter, fries and rocket salad


Atlantic Salmon with mango, avocado and corn salsa,

lime coconut rice


Lime panna cotta with tropical fruit salsa


Lindt chocolate tart with cream Chantilly

Eat breakfast at Coogle Cafe for your chance to win roses for your Valentine

Going out for a meal on Valentine’s Day has always been a long standing tradition, sitting across from your one true love, gazing lovely into each other eyes and professing your love for one another.

There’s just something magical about having a meal together, and this Valentine’s Day Coogle Cafe is ready to deliver exactly what you heart desires … glorious food!

Helen Heffernan with a floral arrangement from Coogle Cottage.

Coogle Cafe will be serving up the goods, as per usual, but here’s the kicker, if you purchase breakfast or lunch on Monday, February 12 or Tuesday, February 13, you will be going into the draw to win a bunch of 12 assorted roses.

This beautiful bunch will be kindly prepared by Coogle Florist and Framing, and delivered to your location (within the town limits).

Not willing to take a chance on being the lucky winner?

No problem, Judy is still happily taking those last minute orders for the perfect bunch to swoop your loved one off their feet.

So book your table, order your bunch and be ready to feel the warm and fuzzies this Valentine’s Day.

The truth behind Valentine’s Day

Like so many of the traditions we take for granted these days, Valentine’s Day has no clear origins.

There are a number of versions of the Day’s origin.

One story tells of a priest named Valentine who served during the third century in Rome.

Claudius II, emperor of the time decided in his wisdom that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families so he outlawed marriage for young men in the hope of building an stronger army.

Valentine, incensed by the injustice of the order, defied Claudius and

secretly continued to perform marriages for young lovers.

Unfortunately, it did not end so well for Valentine.

When it was discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.

Another story tells of a Valentine, who was sent to prison.

This Valentine has been credited with sending the first ‘valentine’ greeting.

While in prison, apparently Valentine fell in love with a young girl, possibly his jailor’s daughter, who visited him while he was imprisoned.

Before he was put to death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed ‘From your Valentine’, and this is where the Valentine’s message tradition came from.

Write a ‘love letter’ to your library and win prizes

February 14 is also Library Lovers Day.

This year Narrabri Library is celebrating with a competition in the spirit of the love letter writing.

We are asking our customers to write a “Love Letter” to their local Library.

If you tell us what it is you love about your local library, you will go into the draw for a box of chocolates and a book for adults or a 3 DVD set of the Wimpy Kid diaries for children.

You can either drop the letter off to your local library or you can find us on the Council Facebook page or the Narrabri Visitor Centre page and put your comments there.

You can dine all day at Billy’s

Billy’s Dine In, Narrabri’s very own 1950’s-themed cafe sets the mood this Valentine’s Day with their cosy booths.

The jukebox is ready to serenade your loved one with your song and a Valentine’s Day feast of a roast dinner and dessert choices of chocolate mousse or panna cotta on offer is sure to please.

The team at Billy’s won’t just be just feeling the love at dinner, it’s going to be an all-day love fest, also opened for breakfast and lunch.

Call the friendly staff on 6792 6220 to book your booth now!

The look of love

The eyes and love are connected.

A dimly lit room casts a romantic spell by allowing for intimacy and also the darkness can cause your pupils to enlarge which is sometimes a sign of excitement, attraction and love.

Mutual eye contact can fan the flames of love between two people.

A darkened restaurant with tables lit by candlelight can supply just the right amount of illumination to allow you to focus on the face of your date and your food while the surrounding patrons, tables and the rest of the outside world seemingly fade to black.

You may be less likely to gaze around the room people watching and more likely to attend to your partner providing them with eye contact and attention.

The darkened environment also allows our pupils to dilate which can be a subconscious signal of stimulation, attraction and readiness for love.

Studies have shown that our pupils dilate wider than normal when we are excited about something and even someone.

Can’t really see your date?

Well then we’ve got a problem..

Before embarking on your big romantic evening, make sure you book an eye exam at Vision Splendid.

The team will make sure your eyes are in perfect condition, plus deck you out in the most up to date frames on the market.

Eye care is essential so don’t delay, book your eye exam before it’s too late!

Spoilt for dining choice

Chef James Bennett from Gourmet Goblet will be spoiling Narrabri Shire residents for choice of locations and menu selections this Valentine’s Day.

The Narrabri Bowling Club and Narrabri Golfie restaurants will be open for business on the day of love, Wednesday, February 14 - so the the choice is yours.

James has a menu to please the finest of diners with a dessert menu to die for at the Bowlo with two courses for $36 per person and a choice of a two or three course meal at the Golfie for $36 and $40 per person respectively.

The stress of preparing a delicious meal is taken care of, choosing where to dine and what to eat will not be an easy choice.

Bookings are essential and can be made by phoning James and his friendly staff on 6792 6420.

Acts of kindness

Plan ahead and mail fun Valentine’s Day cards to your friends, neighbours, or strangers.

* Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages.

* Be a visitor and reach out to an aged care or nursing home.

* Wash your car and go out of your way to wash your neighbour’s car.

* Teach someone something new.

* Set up a car pool with your neighbourhood families for after school activities.

* Pay for the person’s cup of coffee behind you in line.

* Cook a meal for co-workers or friends.

Give your dog a cuddle too

The word pet seems rather clinical and impersonal.

It implies the animal is more of an accessory of the house than a family member and companion.

Many of us consider our furballs to be children — we have their photos in our wallets and on our phones and some even buy them clothes.

Let your little mate know they are loved today - give your dog a cuddle, so they know they are appreciated.

Maccas and movie night

Don’t feel like going out to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Why not go to McDonald’s Restaurant and grab some take-away to take home and watch a romantic movie together? A list of some of the top 10 romantic movies are listed below:

The Notebook, Pretty Woman, Gone With The Wind, The Wedding Singer, Dirty Dancing, Titanic, You’ve Got Mail, Love Actually, Ten Things I Hate About You, When Harry Met Sally.